Do people understand the revolution?

Back in the days, things dident happen as fast as it does today – data transfer is not an exeption. Todays PCIe based storage is faster than most people are even able to comprehend.

Compare Solid State Drives to a cars
– Last years model topspeed: 140 MPH
– This years model topspeed: 376680 MPH
… that is 2690 times faster!

TypeFast Mechanical Desktop DiskFast Mechanical Server DiskFast SATA Solid State DriveFast PCIe Solid State Drive
ModelWD Black performance storage HGST ULTRASTAR HE8Intel Pro 2500 SeriesIntel 750 Series
InterfaceSATA 6Gb/sSASSATA 6Gb/sPCIe Gen3 x4
Latency4,8 ms4.16ms0,046ms0,02ms
Capacity6 TB8 TB480 GB1,2 TB
Load/unload cycles
300,000600,000no datano data
Power10.6 W9.1 W55 mW4-22 W
Transfer rate Read - MB/s2182055402500
Transfer rate Write - MB/s83 3144801200
Acoustics (dBA)31-34no datasilentsilent

Intel SSD 750 series
Intel SSD 750 series