Fastest SSD on the market

This blew my mind when I first saw the numbers of the Asus Hyper M.2 PCI card – the second time it blew my mind was when I found out how CHEAP it was; $58 on Amazon!. You might think this is not your normal SSD, but it really is – except its goes in the PCI Express slot and not your SATA port.
ASUS Hyper M2 x16 PCI V2
– PCI Express 3.0 x16 interface.
– Compatible with PCI Express x8 and x16 slots
– Support data transfer rates up to 128 Gbps.
– Bootable

Make a note of the last part “data transfer rates up to 128 Gbps” – that means you get about 11.500 MB/s transfer rate at best, and that is about 15-20 times faster then a regular SSD by todays standarts.

!!! you get about 11.500 MB/s transfer rate !!!

You can use any M.2 SSD on the market, but for the best performance you need to get something like the Samsung 970 EVO Plus i got. and if you want the ultimate SSD speed experiance, you need to buy four and set it up in a raid. Keep in mind that the Samsung 970 EVO Plus is already a FAST SSD – with about 3,500/3,300 MB/s – but in this setup you stripe them all together and get x4 the speed (minus the overhead)

My Asus Hyper M2 x16 build
For my setup, I am using a Lenovo workstation with the latest in Xeon processor, but your can find the compatible systems here on ASUS’s website. Since my setup is made for video-editing, I kept the OS on regular cheap Kingston A400 SSD’s and then build the new ASUS Hyper M2 x16 PCI for data and rendering.
Asus hyper m2 benchmark
I have a Nvidia GPU that I use for rendering, so usually the disk read/write is the bottleneck, but that is not the case now – I am maxing out on both CPU and GPU now.